On Flights and Volunteering

As some of you know, this weekend I was at OryCon, the Oregon science-fiction convention. This post is not about the convention. Those of you even deeper in the know, know that I have been visiting friends in Seattle during the previous week, and so my flight was to Seattle, while my return flight departed from the San Jose airport.

My return flight, from Portland, Oregon, was also scheduled to San Jose airport. However, it’s obviously not a round-trip. I kicked myself, when I got into the airport, for not having the return flight be to San Francisco or Oakland airports, which are actually closer, and therefore the return cab would be less expensive. Just then the call came for volunteers to delay our flight to San Jose until the morning in return for vouchers. I needed to be at work in the morning, so I did not take that. However, after not getting enough volunteers, they said that they are happy to put us on the Oakland flight instead. Woohoo! thought I.

As I am typing this, I am on the plane headed to Oakland, where a brief 1:20 flight will deposit me at a short cab ride from home. Sometimes, karma can be an awesome friend, instead. The travel vouchers will help pay for my flight to Conflikt, so that solves that problem.


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