Deploying Python Applications

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I have tried to make an example of some of the ways to avoid mistakes with BoredBot. Hopefully the README explains the problem domain and motivation, but here is the tl;dr:

Deploying applications is a place where it is possible to do things badly, amazingly badly and “oh God!”. I hope to slightly improve on this consensus with the current state of 2015 technology and get to “well, ok, this does not suck too much”. BoredBot is basically my attempt to show how combining NaCl, NColony, Pex and Docker can get you to a simple image which can be deployed to Amazon ECS, Google Container Engine or your own Docker servers without too much trouble.

There is still a lot BoredBot doesn’t do that I think any good deployment infrastructure should support — staging vs. production, dry-run mode, etc. Pull requests and issues are happily accepted!


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