Public letter to Congresswoman Jackie Speier, CA14

Dear Congresswoman Speier,

I have already called your office, so I am sorry if this is redundant, but they did not have an answer for me. I am sending you this message because of my concern about HR 624, the “Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act”, also known as CISPA. It appears that it would be up for a vote in Congress soon. I am worried for my privacy, as well as for the privacy of other Americans, were this bill to be passed. This law violates due process by allowing private companies to hand data to the “government” even when they are under contract to not do so, without any court order. I am sure most people working for Federal agencies are good and honest people, but this allows one bad apple to grab whatever data they need for whatever private means they have with no judicial oversight. It also allows private companies to hack into computers as long as they believe “it is necessary” — in essence privatizing law enforcement, again without proper judicial oversight.

In the wake of the tragedy in Boston, the US must, of course, be ever-vigilant against threats. However, laws like CISPA, making our country more surveiled and less free, are essentially give terrorists what they want — to terrorize us into hurting out essential freedoms.

Moshe Zadka


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