2012 — a retrospective


This was quite a year.

In February, I got married. That was a pretty big deal.

In March, I gave a well-received talk in the biggest PyCon ever.

In April, I went to Israel for a 2nd wedding reception, and to Italy for my honeymoon.

In May, I discovered I’m an expectant father.

In October, I moved to a house — back-yard, front-yard, the lot.

In November, I got my green card.

Somewhere along the way, five of our friends had their first kid, which is kind of amazing. Babies!


One Response to 2012 — a retrospective

  1. ehmatthes says:

    Congratulations! I did not attend your full Pycon talk, but I loved your lightning talk. I teach high school math and science, and I have shown your lightning talk several times when preparing students for presentations. We have even adopted lightning talks in several classes.

    Fatherhood is wonderful, I wish you and your family the best!

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