What If “Superman (1978)” Was Written By Joss?

Most of the movie is fairly awesome, right?

The non-Joss-ity comes at the end, where Superman does not have to actually face the consequences of stopping the Hackensack-rocket first (and letting Lois die), because he just spins the Earth around in reverse, undoing time. Come on! That’s no way to make the hero truly suffer. Oh, no, in the Joss version of the movie, Superman realizes he has to turn back time. But he can only do it by some super-pain-staking method, say using his microscopic vision and amazing memory to build atom-by-atom a computer model of the Earth as it existed just before the bombs. This takes millenia, which luckily superman, not aging, has.

Now superman has to make a choice — does he flip the switch, causing the entire Earth to reassemble into its pre-bomb existence? Sure, in some sense he kills everyone on Earth, but in a different sense, what right to life to they have compared to the people who would have lived had the bomb not killed Lois? Even though Superman is in love with a girl he knows will not exist in the re-written reality, he does it. He hugs Lois, but grieves for what might have been.



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