Gaming: Found in Space

Long post about the session I want to run in WesterCon. Details about the time/place to come.

Ground rules

I expect the players not to stop role-playing and not to stop rolling dice the whole session. I try to reward playing in character, and I try to discourage in advance characters which will cause the dichotomy of “either I role-play it correctly and everyone suffer, or I fudge and people enjoy”. I aim for one “combat” per gaming session, with combat being strictly defined as “anything going to combat time”, and roughly as anything which requires playing second-by-second thriller-style (so besides actual fighting, chases and races to disarm the bomb also count as combat). More than one combat per session usually takes up way too much time.

Summary of setting

It is the year 2115. The United States, together with a handful of European countries, has been building colonies in space for the last 50 years as a way to solve the energy crisis. Recently, the colonies have stopped focusing most of their efforts on supplying earth with abundant energy, and instead trying to build more colonies to house the growing population in comfort. After threats proved useless, the United States has sent elite FBI troops to rein in the rebels.

Fighting for liberation from oppressive tyranny, the space-born team of Free Fallers try to stop a population from falling back under gravity’s heel.

Power levels will be 200 (100 base+100 disads) points, which translates to “low-powered superheroic”. All characters should be allied with the Free Fallers, the above-mentioned liberation group. The organization of the Free Fallers is pretty loose, it is more a common name for the movement than a real guerilla fighting force.

Within the Free Fallers, and in the general space-side population, there are a variety of political opinions, spanning the space between “we should be grateful to the US for giving us the opportunity to be here” through “we do owe earth-people energy, but it cannot come at the expense of doing nothing for ourselves” all the way through “we should sabotage the microwaves and let earth-scum suffer! Space first!”

The feeling is of low-power sci-fi. As such, it is appropriate to build characters with cyborg implants (Energy Blast, Armor, STR/costs END, and so on). Suggested characters will follow. In particular, the team is advised to have at least one “hacker” on board. Hackers have an “astral projection”-like power, and their astral form is usually a superheroic persona. In-cyberspace computer breach/defense attempts are handled as fantastic combat.

Since a single session won’t have much time for campaign-effecting actions, the session will focus on scoring a moral/PR victory against the elite troops.


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