Things I bought in Israel

My last trip to Israel involved a lot of shopping.

One friend asked me to get her a postcard. Another asked me for a Liel Kolet CD. Yet another asked me for d’vash tmarim (date honey).

Then came the random suggestions, like fruit flavored orbit gum…

Of course, the staples of Bamba, Bisli Grill, Crembo, Mekupelet and Pesek Zman were a given. “Cow chocolate”, the chocolate with a picture of a cow, was also unavoidable. I had to bring Israeli-style waffles (lik Loacker but tougher), with both sweet lemon paste and chocolate paste fillings.

I grew up on hard marmalade and pink shredded coconut, so I had to bring those. My favorite cereal, Peanut butter Captain Crunch, also made the list. In a fit of ambition, I brought along Amba and Lafas.


4 Responses to Things I bought in Israel

  1. Alon says:

    “Pink shredded coconut”. Oh man, I feel life a kid again.

  2. Chen Shapira says:

    Good thing you brought all those. We were just about to run out of unhealthy snacks in California 🙂

  3. circlegrrrl says:

    Yay for holding onto that postcard for me for so long, sweetheart! I adore you!! I have the postcard of Jerusalem on my wall now and it will remind me to study Hebrew to see the site on the postcard live in December! I still can’t believe you remembered my humble request for a postcard from last December. Imagine my surprise at receiving it yesterday at dinner. Love you! 🙂

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