I want to be a cyborg…

From wikipedia

A Cyborg is a being with both biological and artificial (e.g. electronic, mechanical or robotic) parts.

Though today’s world, only people with medical issues or disabilities get to be cyborgs, cyborgs are already walking among us! While I am happy that technology can make the life of those less fortunate better, and I am certainly happy that this ensures funding will continue to go to programs which interface human and machine, I wish that technology would hurry up into the area of “recreational cyborgs”. Recreational cyborg is a term I coined (though I would love to see better terms, I refuse to use terms like “body hacking”). It means someone who is a cyborg not to achieve what most human bodies achieve on their own (heart pacing, hearing, sight) but who goes above and beyond the capabilities evolution instilled in us.

I want to have a magnetic sense that points me towards north. I want to have eyesight which allows me to see individual photons (observing quantum mechanics directly). I want to be able to browse the web from my eyes. I see no reason to live with merely what evolution gave me.

Aside: smartphones are an important first step towards this. Smartphones which have the wrist-watch form factor, I hope, will be the next step, and after that full implantation.


2 Responses to I want to be a cyborg…

  1. Chen Shapira says:

    Did you know… That Omer’s mom is a cyborg? She has a chip in both sides of her brain, regulating something or another and improving her Parkinson condition.

    My dad is installing chips in people’s gums (he’s one of the developers of PerioChip), the chips release medicine by pre-programmed schedule.

    Yay for cyborgs.

    As an aside, I could probably solve my eyesight problem with some recreational surgery, but I don’t because my fear of surgeries overrides my wishes for better eyesight.

    I’m guessing it will still be true for the other awesome applications you mentioned.

    I’d like to see robots perform surgeries on auto-pilot, before I do any elective surgeries.

  2. circlegrrrl says:

    I love my Lasik corrective eye surgery results, which are better than 20/20. I can literally look outside my window from the other side of my room and see the texture and light reflection on the tree leaves. I’m not kidding! It’s fantastic!!

    One could argue that a medical need was present, but the need for better than 20/20 vision was not. I got better sight and then some. I love, love, love it!

    Another thought that occurs to me while thinking about enhancing human abilities is the process of evolution, itself. When a species is new or undergoing a new experience, the potential is higher for genetic mutations and adaptations. Stem cells are being used to replicate cells to improve health to specialized cells. That’s a start to another potential path for improvement. Stem cells are starting with a blank slate, waiting for instruction. Existing differentiated cells are providing that.

    But… what if those cells are given altogether new instruction and then stem cells are introduced (biotechnology)? Or the stem cells are somehow given instruction prior to introduction to existing cells? What would we call recreational genetic enhancement + recreational robotic enhancement as a package deal?

    Funny, I never really thought of the Lasik surgery making me into a scientifically enhanced person, breaking free of constraints set by external or internal factors (actions like reading a computer screen too long – external; genes – internal). I just never thought of it in those terms, yet that’s exactly what it is…

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