…and live in space

Space. It looks so gloomy and dark. Why would anyone want to live there?

  • Conservation responsibility: keeping air in place with gravity requires several orders of magnitude more material than keeping it in place with inter-molecular bonds. This means that, as long as we require air to survive, it is more efficient to enclose that air in a container rather than to do so with a planet’s gravity.
  • Easy access to vacuum-based technologies: oxygen is basically one of the most harmful substances know to science. Building and maintaining technology in vacuum, for the right technology, can be amazingly helpful.
  • Optional gravity: gravity, literally, is a drag. Being able to make most long-distance trips without worrying too much about gravity would be awesome.

There’s been consideration of how humanity can live in space, and many of the obvious questions have been addressed. As soon as we have a space elevator, I’m buying a ticket!


One Response to …and live in space

  1. Ben N says:

    As soon as we have a space elevator? Don’t you want to wait until there’s something you can live in at the top of it?

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