[April 1st Joke] Parkour Video

So, this is a good time to announce that I have been training with people pretty heavily for a couple of months now, doing Parkour. I am thinking that this might be a serious hobby for me, and we even put out a demo video of ourselves. We are looking for serious sponsors (maybe local gyms?), so if you know anyone please get in touch with me!


3 Responses to [April 1st Joke] Parkour Video

  1. Gwen Shapira says:

    I can’t believe I fell for that.
    I think this illustrates the high trust I had in you until 5 minutes ago.

  2. Dmitry Rubinstein says:

    OK, I know it’s April the 1st, but what the hell is there in that video? Certainly, it’s not moshez doing parcour. What then? “This video is not available in your country” – Damn you RIAA, or whoever’s responsible for this nonsense!

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