Con Roundup

This is just FYI for people who wish to see me (apparently, some do!) 2011 cons I’m going to be in —

  • Conflikt
  • Consonance
  • PyCon
  • WonderCon
  • BayCon
  • Westercon
  • ConChord (probably)
  • OVFF (maybe)
  • OryCon

3 Responses to Con Roundup

  1. Dmitry Rubinstein says:

    How about “Google TLV”?

    • moshez says:

      A. Google TLV has waaaaay worse google-juice of any of the cons here. That should have been reason enough not to go but also…
      B. …it doesn’t seem like it would be interesting and…
      C. …Israel is far, and one trip/year is enough (and when I do go there, I’ve better things to do).

  2. Gorgeous Gary says:

    Hmm…only one of those we’re planning to be at is OVFF. However, there is a strong possibility we will use Renovation as an excuse to swing through the Bay Area.

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