Movie Roundup: Tron Legacy, King’s Speech

King’s Speech

King’s Speech is basically “Rocky”, but about giving speeches instead of punching people in the face. Other than punching people in the face, a central point in Rocky of course, all the elements are there: an underdog (at some point they pull out Hitler’s proficiency in giving speech just to give the lovable underdog an actual villain to defeat), a quirky mentor, hillarious training techniques and — this is the most important part — an uplifting training montage showing the hero getting to where he needs to, step by step. The final scene, as spoiled by the movie’s title, has the King giving a speech, in what is for all intents and purposes, the final fight. Oh, and the people clapping him as he walks away.

Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy is everything the “Matrix: Reloaded” wanted to be and couldn’t, because it sucked ass. You’ve got the virtual world, the hot chick who is an expert at acrobatic fighting, the super-powerful trench-coat wearing guy-who’s-power-is-to-understand-this-is-the-matrix, but Tron Legacy manages to live up to Tron‘s Legacy, by making the movie a fun romp through the grid’, the 21st century answer to the central mainframe — the arena in the original tron.

Oh, also, the awesome unix command the young Flynn uses was awesome (I guess history works because “backdoor” never has a home directory, and so .history sits in / always — but seriously producers, next time create the friggin’ directory), and it was almost enough to excuse the glaring “wha?” holes (for example, why not just page Allen again to fix the problem, rather than rushing it).


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