Why is this an app?

These days it seems that all the rage is in creating apps. WordPress has an app for mobile, for example, which I am using to write this post. Huffington post has an app. Etc etc.

Here is an interesting thought experiment: what if instead of writing apps, they would instead write awesome mobile web sites, also known as web apps?

Well, for one, portability to android and iPhone, as well as windows phone 7, would be as easy as adding another UA string. For another, upgrades would be trivial. Thing is? Many of those already have good mobile sites, which I tend to use instead of the app…but some don’t. WordPress looks awesome, but the admin interface is not mobile friendly, making you download the app. Huff post is not mobile friendly, so it’s annoying to read, making you download the app.please stop doing that.


One Response to Why is this an app?

  1. Noam says:

    I think this is easy: people pay for apps, not for website access.

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