Podcasting My Way Into a Safer Tomorrow

Those who remember my driving from Israel are frequently surprised by how much calmer I am driving in the Bay area. But, still, compared to the average driver here-abouts, I was still a little bit edgier.

That’s all changed now. When I’m in traffic, unless I am actually late for something specific (rare — I take buffers), I’m perfectly content to sit and wait — and listen to more of the podcasts. Podcasts are to car radio what netflix instant is to TV. No commercials, no forced choices, and I have to go and look for stuff I like.

So here’s a list of the podcasts I’m subscribed to.

[11/3 — Edited]

What are your favorite podcasts?


One Response to Podcasting My Way Into a Safer Tomorrow

  1. Evan says:

    Podcasts I like, recently, are short 1 minute ones although I still have some long ones in there.

    Audio books are also very good – pro tip, change the extension from m4a to m4b and your ipod will not only auto-remember where you left off, you can set it to read at a higher speed than normal. Finish a book in half the time!

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