If you have an Inbox, you must have folders

My Android has a pretty nice universal mailbox, supporting an astounding amount of “direct message” platforms – exchange, IMAP, Yahoo! Mail, facebook and twitter (at least). I like the Inbox0 principle, which means any e-mail currently in inbox is “not having been dealt with”. If I need extensive work, I might move it to a todo folder – the inbox is not a permanent place.

This is thwarted by some mboxes not supporting an option other than “leave it in” or “delete it”. Facebook, twitter – I’m looking at you!


One Response to If you have an Inbox, you must have folders

  1. Jamu says:

    I use a method Jonathan Lange described to me. We both use GMail, but the method can work with any decent client. Have folders called ‘read’, ‘answer’, ‘task’ and ‘waiting’. When you send an email for which you are awaiting a response, make sure a copy goes into the ‘waiting’ folder, so you can easily track the thread. When you receive mail you need to ‘answer’, if you can’t do it right away, put it in that folder. Similarly for ‘read’ and ‘task’. I like this system a lot.

    I clear my inbox everyday and anything I can’t deal with goes into one of those folders. That said, I find the disciple of regularly checking those folders to follow up is something I continually work on.

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