Android: reviewing after a week

I got my android on Thursday evening, and it’s now Wednesday, so I feel I now have some perspective on it.

Technical things first: I got the Motorola Droid 2 from Verizon. It has a pull-out keyboard, which sold me on it. It is a little bulky.

First, the bad: no universal cut’n’paste. You almost forget how much it is taken for granted on today’s computers. I view this as the next gaping flaw the os should address. The browser deals with resizing suboptimally – I would like a mode where I force the text to be bigger and reflow. In a related note, you would expect mainstream websites to have a more mobile friendly version,  no?

The good:
Turn-by-turn navigation
No crappy pre-loads
Pretty good app selection
Several decent games
A solid 5/10 on voice recognition
Nice ui
Amazing multitasking

If this continues, apple has their work cut out for them to stay ahead of the game.


2 Responses to Android: reviewing after a week

  1. What do you mean by “no universal cut’n’paste”? When you long press on any input box, you are presented with a pupup menu where you can copy/paste/cut.
    About the browser, have you tried Dolphin browser HD? I has much more features than the default one.

  2. Ken Whitesell says:

    I’m with you 100%. I just got a Samsung Captivate (it’s the AT&T version of the Galaxy S) last week and I love it!

    And at my age, with my eyes and mitts for hands, I happen to like “large & bulky”.

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