Apples vs. Oranges


  • Both are fruit
  • Both have about the same caloric value

Orange advantages:

  • Significantly more vitamin C

Apple advantages:

  • Does not require peeling
  • Bakes well

Warning: if I ever see you saying “it’s like comparing apples and oranges”, I will link you to this post.


5 Responses to Apples vs. Oranges

  1. jwg says:

    I’ve seen an expanded version of this.

    Let’s Compare Apples and Oranges
    – Edible
    – Warm color
    – Round shape
    – Similar size
    – Contains seeds
    – Grow on trees
    – Good for juice
    – Names begin with vowel
    – Similar pesticide treatment
    – Unsuitable for most sports

  2. Noam says:


  3. miriam says:

    i think this constantly but have never said anything. i will now use this link also. thank you. 🙂

  4. Lior says:

    Apple is a “false-fruit”, contrary to the orange ! (look on wikipedia)

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