LDS Church vs. Marriage

Ask your Mormon friends, and they’ll often claim that the LDS Church had nothing to do with the prop-8 fight in CA.

Well, in all honesty they might not have known it. The LDS church failed to report it. I linked to the site because I don’t consider the examiner a reliable source — but here is a an easier read re: the Mormon fight against marriage equality. Don’t let Mormons lie to you. The Church used funds to fight against marriage equality in California.

ETA: What’s the Church response? Well, they don’t disavow making the contributions. They just forgot to report it in time. The previous link goes to an sub-domain, owned by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. IR is owned by the LDS Church. So it’s official — the Church admits to the contribution, and to the fact that it failed to report them. Feel free to point any Mormons who protest here.


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