On the Adobe vs. Apple Fight

Everyone has been posting, so I guess I should too.

This is a place where it’s hard to know who to root for — both companies are bullies, but Apple is clearly the stronger bully. Then I remembered why: oh, right, Flash is crap.

So, Adobe, I have exactly 0 sympathy for you. But the good news, this can change, easily, if you just did the right thing:

  • Open source the Flash player, so it can be integrated into nich operating systems, nich CPUs, etc.
  • Work on the Adobe Open Source Flash Player to port it to Android, doing an amazing job. I don’t think it’s impossible — surely, all these engineers could work on various dynamic compilation techniques to make it faster. Possibly partner with Google.
  • Do the same for the Blackberry platform.

If you do that, you prove that Apple is wrong for excluding you — you have an open source client which works wonderfully on some of the biggest Apple competitors, and Apple doesn’t have a technical leg to stand on. Until then, sure, Apple is a bully — but so are you, and you deserve what happens, if only as an object lesson for what happens to people who vend closed platforms. Yes, Apple do too. Their day will come as well.


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