What if facebook gave you an e-mail?

  • There is already the “user name” feature, so the e-mail would be obvious (<username>@facebook.com)
  • The UI for that already exists (messages)

What would they need to add?

  • Messages don’t support “cc”, “bcc”
  • Messages cannot be forwarded
  • Attachments
  • Spam filtering
  • Better message management (tags, folders, search, etc.)

Would people use this?

  • They can start small and expand. Start with having employees’ @facebook.com addresses handled through this system to flush out problems, expand to “suggesting it to interested users”, etc.
  • People are already messaging through the FB platform — this would give them one less reason to ever leave facebook.

Why would facebook do it?

  • It can do various things with it — for example, if the person e-mailed has an account with facebook, as well as sending them an e-mail, it can also send them a message inside facebook.
  • More platform engagement.

I believe the writing is on the wall — facebook is going to be offering facebook e-mails as soon as they can hack it together.


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