Space Hour

The next earth hour is supposed to take place at 20:30, Saturday March 27th.

I propose celebrating, at the same time, “Space Hour”. During “Space Hour”, we will turn on as many lights as possible, so the earth can be seen from space.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: We want to make sure that the grid doesn’t suffer the effects of a sharp drop in demand, followed by a quick peak. We intend to balance our Earth Hour. Also, we want the earth to look alive to space, as a way of saying “Space, here we come!”

Q: Who is organizing this?
A: Unlike “Earth Hour”, “Space Hour” is a grass-roots organization which is not headed by a large rich corporation. If you want to join us, write your own post on Space Hour, link to someone else’s or just tell your friends and family.

Q: Isn’t this stupid?
A: No less stupid than Earth Hour.

Q: What about global climate change?
A: The issue of global climate change is a scientific one, loaded with much political vitriol on all sides. The question of the amount of human involvement in climate change is a difficult one, and not one to be settled in an FAQ on a blog. We highly recommend reading up on wikipedia.

Q: But isn’t Earth Hour supposed to symbolize our need to stop climate change?
A: We’re not sure what it’s supposed to symbolize. But we also feel that the surest way to help humanity and the planet is to reach for the stars. Manned space flight, and space colonization, is our way to ensure a brighter future for our children and our grand-children.

“Light up for a brighter tomorrow!”


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