Public libraries

Let me get this quickly out of the way: the American public library system is amazing.

This Sunday, I had a reason to visit the Belmont library. Author Seanan McGuire was giving a reading, and a Q&A session, about her October “Toby” Daye books, Rosemary and Rue and A Local Habitation.

As I was leaving, I decided that while I’m there I’ll get a library card. I explained I live in San Mateo, not Belmont, which was not a problem. Five minutes later, the nice lady gave me a library card and explained it works all over the place (only she used more words). It does. Specifically, there’s a map of the Peninsula Library System libraries which shows what “all over the place” means. I have at least three libraries within less than 10 minutes from me — the Foster City library, the San Mateo Hillsdale Branch library and the San Mateo Marina Branch library.

The Belmont library had amazingly comfortable sitting options (rocking-chair sofas!) — and I understand many do. All of them have free wi-fi. I am planning to use the libraries more and more 🙂


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