Seeing “Sneakers” With the Girlfriend

I wanted to introduce T to one of my favorite all-time movies, “Sneakers”.

Yes, yes, I know the technical premise is ludicrous (clearly, Russian math is different than US math), and on watching the movie, there were some painful parts (like the genius mathematician explaining to fascinated listeners, all of them are implied to have at least a basic grounding in math, things like “there are numbers so big
that not all the computers in the world could factor” or something to that effect). But the characters are wonderful, the plot is fascinating and the dialogue amusing.

T, of course, commented on the way they dressed, “that movie is from the early ’90s, right?”. I laughed, kissed her, and replied, “that’s one comment I never heard when seeing this movie.”

I find it fascinating — though we were looking at the screen at the same time, we were clearly watching different movies. I was watching a movie about a post-math-talk conversation, and she was watching a movie about
a formal party.


2 Responses to Seeing “Sneakers” With the Girlfriend

  1. drklaymen says:

    And I never saw this movie! Not even without a girlfriend.

    • moshez says:

      I think your current gf will appreciate the scene where the genius-mathematician is talking. One example quote, “But…if we could induce such homomorphisms…what then?”
      Rent it and watch it 🙂

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