Going to PyCon: Plans

  • Deferred: I won’t be able to give my tutorial, like last year. However, I’m perfectly willing to give it as an open-space, cut down to size, followed by discussion. Would people be interested?
  • Don’t Write Big Python Applications: Lightning talk (theme is: “all ‘big’ Python applications should be hosts of co-operating processes”)
  • You, Yes You, Should Be Contributing to Twisted: another Lightning talk I’m thinking of giving.
    • Fix the flaws which bother you!
    • Get experience with Python coding in the real world
    • Get experience with TDD
    • Get comments on your code from experienced Python developers
    • Get the ego boost (and resume filler) from contributing to an Open Source project

2 Responses to Going to PyCon: Plans

  1. 1) See you there.
    2) I love lightning talks. All my real talks have started at lightning talks that I never actually gave.

  2. Chris Withers says:

    Fix trial! 🙂

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