Music and Judaism

And now for something completely different! Or, at least, opposite…

For an upcoming Havdala I am invited to, people asked for songs, “preferably Jewish” (quoted). As my attempt to subvert expectations, I’m going to print out several Ben Newman songs, and perhaps even try and learn how to accompany them on my guitar (no promises though!)

I tried to look for songs that people can relate to, and especially ones which are surprising or funny.

Yehudi Mind Tricks (mp3)
Love Letter (mp3)
Starlight Through Woven Branches (mp3)
Masquerade (mp3)
The Wrestler (mp3)

I absolutely love just how Jewish these songs are…

One of my own:
Pillar of Flame, TTTO “Horse With No Name” (Guitar + C-Harmonica tabs)


One Response to Music and Judaism

  1. Ben N says:

    I’m honored :-). You should pull out Tzur Hashlishi sometime, too, especially if you are hanging around with fluent Hebrew speakers.

    Also, חג שמח, since it so happens that it is.

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