Progressive Judaism Service

This Friday, I went to a progressive judaism service. It was…interesting.

On one hand, it was completely unsurprising — if you expect *everything* to go according to cliches. Starting with the stereotypical lesbian Rabbi, continuing with a very unorthodox interpretation of this week’s chapter and ending with a call to join the congregation in a protest for the right of women in Israel to wear talith.

One of the more shocking things, certainly more jarring visually than anything else in the service, is the use of musical instruments. The use of musical instruments on shabbat is strictly forbidden in all other denominations, and I guess like many other things communities do, it’s a way of self-asserting their differences.

All in all, I came out of the service with two things I learned: it was definitely fun, and I’ll probably do it again sometime, and whatever happens, no way am I raising kids to be progressive. I guess it’s a bias thing, but I definitely prefer hypocritical conservative to progressive…


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