Retroactive New Year’s Resolutions: ’09

As always, reminded by the wonderful happyfish.

1. Move to the SF Bay Area
2. Start learning to play guitar
3. Go on a date
4. Go to a county fair. Hell, make that two county fairs!
5. Get a credit score
6. Get a nephew
7. Get a netflix account
8. Write 200 songs (199 so far, but 8 more days!)
9. Visit Seattle
10. Get more facebook friend than a certain colleague (she knows who she is)

And yep, 10 for 10! Woohoo!


3 Responses to Retroactive New Year’s Resolutions: ’09

  1. dimrub says:

    Wow, you started playing guitar? Details! And hey, are you in Israel yet? Remember you are visiting us here, right?

  2. Katie Ham says:

    It is a great lists of new year resolution. I want to know how to play guitar too.. I hope, someone will thought me.:(

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