NCIS vs. Stargate SG-1

These days I’m catching up on my SG-1 and NCIS. As I drifted off to sleep, I realized my thoughts kept confusing characters.

NCIS is composed of: Gibbs — super-leader, Anthony — the ex-cop who understands the “street”, Timothy — the scientist who is ok with wielding weapons, and Ziva/Kate — the secret-agent/super-soldier type.

SG-1 is composed of: O’Neill — super leader, Te’alc — the ex-Jaffa who understands the “go’auld street”, Dr. Jackson — the scientist who is ok with wielding weapons, and Sam — the scientist/super-soldier type.

So the first obvious conclusion is that NCIS is a space-opera in all but name — the characters follow the exact pattern of space opera characters. The FBI in NCIS and the NID in SG-1 perform the function of being the friend/foe “other” agency, which is responsible of being the shady agency. Instead of terrorists, SG-1 fights the go’auld — a species who’s strongest capacity is the ability to be anyone, anytime 🙂

Though sometimes, rarely, accompanying them in the field, NCIS receive support from Abbey and Dr. Mallard. These combine to form the character of Dr. Frasier in SG-1, responsible for analysis and medical care. General Hammond functions in a similar capacity of the Director — responsible for being sympathetic, while obviously having to juggle between their personal ethics and the duty of a position which is as much about politics as it is about actually doing something useful.

Of course, not everything is the same — in SG-1, the romantic subplot is between O’Neill and Sam, whereas in NCIS, it’s between Anthony and Ziva. And of course, while NCIS dropped the “Navy” from its original name of “Navy NCIS”, SG-1 kept the name of “Stargate: SG-1” until its finale…


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