The War of Psyche

(This is an idea for a role-playing setting. Just in case you are reading this and are worried that I became insane.)

For millenia, a war has been brewing in our world. Rationale and Emotion have been at war with each other. In this war, the humans are not the combatants, but the battle-ground — and no matter which side prevails, or ties, they lose. Lives and destinys are ruined by the war, and have been ruined since the beginning of time. For humans to do their bidding, they have traded in the secrets of the universe. Science, wizardry and witchcraft have been used by them to recruit the cannon fodder to their cause.

One group said enough. They are known as the “Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria” — or often just as “The Illuminati”. Formed by Adam Weishaupt, they have infiltrated the very same organizations the Warriors of Rationale and Emotion have infiltrated, often from inside the Warriors themselves. They subtly undermine the missions, the acts of war and anything they can in order to free the human race. Their motto is, “From the Shadows, We Protect”.

In a world where the heroes are double-agents, do you know who trust?

[I’m not sure if I’ll be running this campaign or not. If you are interested, though, please let me know.]


One Response to The War of Psyche

  1. klaymen says:

    You did not become insane, Moshe. You came insane from home.

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