Settling In

So far, I have

  • Car (starting today)
  • Insurance (ditto)
  • House (renting)
  • Cellphone (prepaid)
  • Social Security Number (woo!)
  • Internet (scheduled to be installed on Sunday)
  • Costco membership
  • Applied for Secured Mastercard, Target Visa and Costco Amex
  • Lamps (two out of three actually working)
  • Comfy recliner (used)
  • Mattress (a decent if not amazing deal)
  • Bed-side thingy to put stuff on (not exactly a dresser, but an OK simulation)

I need to get:

  • Driver’s license
  • Two beds
  • A spare mattress
  • Some couches/bean-bags/something for people to sit on in the living room
  • Wireless Router
  • DVD
  • Dell Mini 10v

One Response to Settling In

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