Hacker News: Groupthink’R’Us

Do you want to write a post that will appear in Hacker News?

Here are a few blog headers that are sure to win you votes. Just write some filler and publish:

  • Any post containing the words “iterate” and “learn”. Bonus points if you can weave in words about how failing is good and failing fast is better. In your post, deride the need for any planning with an explanation that “you cannot assume anything”, and explain how the best way to succeed is to iterate quickly.
  • Explain why ad-supported products are a bad idea. Bonus points if you quote pointless statistics, explain about freemium or announce why nano-, pico-, or milli- payment systems will finally enable people to pay for stuff.
  • Explain why start-ups are better than big companies. Use one of the common themes of flexibility and ability to take risks.

Seriously, all of these subjects have been done to death. We get them, really we do. The pros and cons have been explained, and making a more extreme post with an even more black-and-white picture is not what we want. And honestly? Debunking those is just as bad (done to death, we know it). Feel free to write such a post if it adds to your ego to have something rise to the top of HN. I’ll be here, waiting for more interesting posts there…


One Response to Hacker News: Groupthink’R’Us

  1. prodlife says:

    Also – articles about how concentrating is difficult and attention span is getting shorter.

    Because we all like confirmation that we are not alone with our problems and they are not really our fault.

    Welcome to the hood Moshez 🙂

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