The New “Star Trek”

Warning: extensive spoilers

I expect a lot from director J.J. Abrams, and he has yet to let me down. This time was no exception — he has managed to take everything that was good, amusing and engaging in Star Trek: TOS, to remove everything that was sucky, and to make it awesome.

So first, the bad: what was meh about this movie?

  • Physics: still the usual joke
  • Engineering: still the pathetic usual joke
  • Checkov: he shoulda been a Pakistani. Russia is no longer the enemy it was in the 60s. If we want to engage the same “but eventually all men will be at peace”, we should choose people from a place where the relations are strained to non-existant.

That’s it, really. What I liked:

  • NewKirk much better than OldKirk. Sure, both are cocky arrogant womanizers. But OldKirk was like that because he was just that cool, while NewKirk has his deep dark secret (just a boy who misses daddy), and is obviously over-compensating.
  • The red shirt homage: thanks thanks thanks. I laughed. The entire audience thought I was insane.
  • Leonard Nimoy: a genius as always.
  • Spock’s backstory: it’s awesome to see how much of Spock’s “cold logic” stuff is over-compensating for him feeling like a not-good-enough Vulcan.
  • Romulans: always fun.
  • Scotty’s “Captain, she’s giving all she’s got”. Priceless. ❤ Scotty.
  • GreenAlienChick: ah, the first of many green alien chicks to share her bed with Kirk. He’ll always remember you as his first GreenAlienChick.
  • Uhura: so. freakin. awesome. The girl who’s job was to repeat what the computer said managed to keep the same job, but to be like the awesome awesomest at it.
  • The enterprise con merry-go-round. “You have the con!” “No, you have the con!” “No, wait. You.”

Summarizing: great, engaging story. Awesome character dynamics. And some miracles in casting which make every character look like a younger version of the right character. Live long and prosper, J.J.


One Response to The New “Star Trek”

  1. tazle says:

    Yes! Trekversum II seems pretty awesome. Besides resetting the timeline, the movie also managed to be a good movie, though. There wasn’t an overdone cliffhanger for starters.

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