Collateral Damage

My body is a war-zone.

The evil bacteria have infected my ear. After weeks of peaceful negotiations, it was obvious that this cannot be solved except through open warfare. I have started taking anti-biotics to kill the bacteria. Unfortunately, the sustained bombing is having its effect on my body — for one, the innocent bacteria in my digestive system are suffering heavy casualty, leaving my digestive system only barely functional. However, I will not relent, and my will will not waver. I am commited to seeing this attack through. In ten days since the beginning of the attack (the coming Friday) I will see if the problem is solved. If not, I will be forced to consult with the appropriate professionals on the strategy for the next phase of the attack.

Stay with us! Reporting from the front, this is Moshe Zadka for the “Moshe’z” blog.


One Response to Collateral Damage

  1. prodlife says:

    I’m with you and supporting you in this difficult time.

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