Twilight Deja-vu

Spoiler alert: Twilight

This is a story about a girl. A teenage girl. Her parents are divorced, and she has recently moved to a small town from the big city, both on the west-coast, to live with the less “datey” parent. Though she quickly settles into a group of friends at school, none interest her romantically — at least, except tall, dark and forehead. Though he acts to save her life, he is disdainful and unfriendly. Eventually, she learns of his secret — he is a vampire. But unlike most vampires, vile beasts that they are, he has a conciensce. He feeds on the blood of animals. They fall for each other, hard. Though a love between the multi-decade vampire and this teenage girl is impossible, they cannot keep away from each other. Of course, her parent does not know — he often comes in through the window.

When their love is threatened when one of them is poisoned, the vampire lover must do the impossible. He must drink from his teenage paramour — but must use all his willpower to stop before he kills her, and rush her to the hospital with a made-up story of blood loss.


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