Reports are boring! I want to tell anecdotes instead.

I had to fly from the Bay, on Friday, after work. This meant I only got in at 23:30 to the filk circle. I slinked in quietly, not to disturb any of the music. It was bardic. When the circle got to me the second time, I had already noticed Brooke, sitting in the corner, and not wearing her usual orange — apparently in a laughably absurd attempt to disguise herself.

Me: “Last time I saw Brooke, I promised her…”

Brooke: “MOSHE?”

Me: “Yes…”

Brooke: “Don’t you live in Israel?”

Me: “Um, yes…”

Brooke: “You travel quite a bit, don’t you. Well, what did you promise me?”

Me, quietly: “Um…that I’m going to have another one of those. So, you know, sorry about that…”

And then I started singing “Whine Away!”, to Brooke’s horrified glare. Yes, once again, I have gone to a con nobody expected me to be able to attend, and sang a parody to a song nobody expected to be parodied.

I’m like a superhero. 🙂


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