Nano Methodology

OK, so:

Techonology wise:

  • Hardware/OS: ASUS eee PC 701 2G surf with builtin distro
  • Editor: vi (VIM)
  • Backup: mailing zips to my yahoo address

Method wise

  • Outline: each chapter is divided into 500-word segments. Each segment has a “prompt”
  • When writing, each segment is preceded in dot-notation <chapter>.<segment>
  • Some segments are fractional, when I edit the outline and put in segments between others
  • Each editing session is into a new file, <day in month>.<session in day>.txt, so e.g., the next file I type in will be 8.3.txt
  • In a different window, “watch wc…” continually checks the number of words in my book so far, so I know where I stand
  • Punctuation, capitalization, spelling: minimal effort.

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