Filk: the Next Step

This started out as a response to a friend’s post, but became longer and largely irrelevant to what he was asking. The relevant parts were left as a reply 🙂

What do I need to do before I can start on getting a CD out?

  • Have more lyrics which are CD-quality (meaning, cannot be tweaked anymore)
  • Have original tunes (optional)
  • Be a better performer (semi-optional: I could recruit people to perform, but that is always more trouble)

I am doing things about it:

  • Cleaning up lyrics, with the intermediate goal of having a 20-song “songbook” out.
  • Learning to play instruments (harmonica, started, guitar, about to start)

There is probably more stuff I need to do…but having the intermediate goal of the songbook is a good thing for me. The thing I need for the songbook is a deadline, which I will set myself on January 1st.

So, now I have, at least, a deadline for the deadline.

Reminder: if there are songs of mine that you, gentle reader, think are a must-have on the songbook, let me know.


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