OVFF highlights

Let’s face it. Doing a con report takes a lot of time, and I’m not sure how interesting I could make it.

However, I want to give some highlights which made OVFF, for me, a resounding success!

  • Pics (more to come!)
  • Sang “NASA’s Engineers” on stage. Got two requests for lyrics, woo!
  • Saw again many friends (too many to list here).
  • Met many people I knew only online.
  • Met many people I did not know at all.
  • Got to listen to lots of awesome songs. Ben Newman killed me with his song of the parallels between Luke Skywalker and Moses. I want to translate it to Hebrew, when he posts the lyrics, if nothing else because I want to sing about myself 🙂
  • Participated in two song contests. Won in neither, but I have to say the other songs were awesome!
  • Got to be accompanied by Gary on his guitar. Key quotation from our practice: “You remember that Hebrew goes right-to-left?” (when reading chords for a Hebrew song)
  • Proved scientifically that going to cons is a better trip than alternatives. Co-workers who return say that nothing was left of their trip “happiness” after a week at work. They’re going to have to wipe the smile off with acid, the way I’m going 🙂
  • Final note: congrats to all Pegasus winners. Awesome job, and, well, basically, keep doing that. That. Whatever you were doing, keep doing that…or you know. Do other things 🙂

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