Looking for a CMS

Dear lazyweb,

I am going to be publishing web comics and a web-serial soon. I am looking for a CMS which will let me do that, and add easily stuff like forums, wiki, etc. One suggestion was WordPress, which seems to have grown a blog into a CMS. If I want to do PHP programming, Drupal is also an option.

Breaking away from the horrible thought of programming in PHP, and approaching a normal language, we have Ruby-on-Rails.

Now we come to the more plausible options: Python-based CMSs. The king here is Zope, but if I go for that, I might as well go the whole nine yards and use Plone. Then I could also choose the Pythonic answer to Ruby-on-Rails: Django. Or maybe Turbo Gears?

Of course, then there’s the tempting option: Matissa. It’s not yet a CMS, but it already has enough parts to be made into a CMS.

Summary of options:

  • WordPress (Bah, seriously?)
  • Drupal (Please God, no)
  • Ruby on Rails (But I’m not a 15yo)
  • Zope (too low level)
  • Plone (Maybe??)
  • Django (Is it as horrible as I’m afraid?)
  • Turbo Gears (The little frankenstein answer to Django)
  • Mantissa (Too immature)

Help me decide please! If you have experience with any of those, let me know (either comments or e-mail would be happily received).


Yours enternally,



6 Responses to Looking for a CMS

  1. Rani says:

    1. You’re a python hacker. You want it in Python.
    2. You’re a masochistic person. Zope and Plone can give you the pain and suffering you want.

    Therefore, I’d go with Django.

    Just my Shnekel/100.

  2. Michał Pasternak says:

    I recently adapted WordPress as a CMS to two projects. It is pretty flexible, both when it comes to publishing, writing themes and patching. Its source is horrible, PHP code mixed with HTML templates and opposite, lot of globals and so on. I’d recommend it anyway – it does what you want it to do, it is a right tool for the job.

  3. Geekwad says:

    I work with Plone as a developer every day. Also, I want to die. These things may not be entirely unrelated.

    I’d love to see you pick Mantissa.

  4. Lots of non-comparable stuff here: the only listed Python CMS is Plone. It’s powerful, but maybe too complex for what it’s worth.

    I don’t find Django horrible at all. In fact, you may try a Django based CMS like http://django-cms.org/ or http://code.google.com/p/django-page-cms/ , or even put together your own, possibly reusing parts from http://pinaxproject.com/ .

    In any case, you don’t need to stoop to PHP-based stuff. 😉

  5. peter says:

    One thing to be said for Plone is that theres tons of add-ons; eg. forum / wiki software should be no problem.

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