Pixel Qi – an interesting future ahead

Pixel Qi says their new screens will be “ready next year” after kicking off the development with undisclosed manufacturers. I know what you are all thinking — why should I care?

First, a quick reminder. Pixel Qi is the company that will supply the screens for the next OLPC: they are working on screens that are: cheap, high-resolution and low-powered. Their central belief is that having better screens will make better laptops — and cheaper laptops. The screen is one of the most power-hungry parts in a modern laptop, so a better screen means a lighter, longer-lasting laptop. “Oh,” I know you are thinking now, “I know where he’s going with this.” You are right…

I am thinking of a future where you get the techcrunch web tablet for 50$, it comes with a Google chrome interface, supporting administration right from the browser, it’s 200grams, has a few gig of free space and allows me to read e-books, surf the web and even program (remember when we thought through the web programming was lame in Zope? It’s going to come back…) all from a nice touch screen which will last twenty-four hours under light usage. The Apple freaks will of course buy the iPhone v7 for 100$ (TWICE AS MUCH) and will explain how it is way awesomer, and that’s fine.

How long? Give it 2-3 years.


One Response to Pixel Qi – an interesting future ahead

  1. eduardo says:

    I think your prediction is just about right.

    One more thing. Check out PixelQi.com and you see that part of how they are going to make it so cheap is to eliminate the motherboard and move all the microcircuits into the screen itself.

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