The Paperless Life

I think it has now been over two weeks since I touched pen to paper.

I learned I can summarize meetings just as well on a laptop/eee, I can take notes on the Eee — and last time I needed to carry instructions, I saved the HTML and took my eee with me. I have not had to write on paper for a while now. Most of my books are now PDF files on a laptop or eee.

I read the physical newspaper when I’m at my parents, and there I also occasionally read a paper book (although more often than not, I read an e-book). I hardly use any paper at work.

I think the only thing I really do with a paper nowadays is sign contracts (and contract-like stuff — govt. forms, for example).


3 Responses to The Paperless Life

  1. Colin M says:

    How do you manage drawings? Back when I tried to take notes using a laptop, this was the biggest problem.

  2. moshez says:


    I don’t draw that much.

    I guess if I wanted to copy drawings off a board, I’d use a webcam?

  3. Colin M says:

    Reasonable approach I guess.

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