Introducing “titan”

Meet titan. He weighs less than 1kg, has a tiny keyboard and a 7” screen. He’s an eee PC 2G surf, and he’s all mine. The firefox managed to crash once already. Yahoo! Mail non-classic does  not work because the screen is too small. But it is awesome. I can sit and blog wiithout feeling the weight. Review will be coming soon, but I just wanted to show him off.


5 Responses to Introducing “titan”

  1. herenot says:

    I was in TLV yesterday. I didn’t really look for them, but I saw at least 3 being used in various cafes.

    kind of funny since I DIDN’T see any at the garagegeeks open source event in the evening…

    it’s like the EEE is becoming the new macbook.

  2. alons says:

    For a second, after reading the title and half of the first sentence, I thought you finally got a pet dog.

  3. drklaymen says:

    isn’t mac air less than 1kg? and it sure has a bigger screen. There also is a very light 12” toshiba..

  4. moshez says:

    A macair costs $1800. The EeePC costs $300. And no, it’s more like 1.4 Kg (as opposed to 0.9 Kg for the EeePC). Costs 6(!) times as much, weighs 1.5 times as much…why would I get a Mac Air again?

  5. drklaymen says:

    yeah… I guess you wouldn’t.

    For my taste I’d want the screen to be slightly bigger, and an option of having a normal size keyboard (that is, folded normal-size keyboard). For the same price, with the same weight. Then I’ll buy it. 😉

    The truth is that it does sound very cool.

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