Filk roundup: Long time coming

Yep, lots of stuff to report — too long from last summary. Gave Up Too Soon is a joke I could not resist when I realized I need only change “red” to “lead” and have metals in “Spoke Too Soon”. It took me a while to decide what to do about the original, but when I spent a weekend reading about chip technology, Moore’s Law was the result. Linus and Linux, likewise, was the result of trying to figure out what to do with the original. I’ve always wanted to parody Kung-Fu Fighting, it’s one of my favorite songs. I contemplated mashing up two Vixy songs, Thirteen and The Girl That’s Never Been. It’s kinda horrible. Like a Version, the first song written post-acquisition-announcement, was actually a song I wrote a long time ago, lost the original, which wasn’t that good, and decided to write again. Mail I Sent Her was written after my boss and I traded lyrics from “Love Me Tender” and it stuck in my head. I wanted to write a song about Rainbows End, and realized that it is about a second childhood. Take My Money Please was written after I was annoyed at an online store. Blinkenlights was written after a co-worker rebooted her switch because it was lighting up weirdly. It caused me great pleasure to take a song about taking things slow, and turning it into a love song for technology. Enjoy!


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