Going Shopping

In Pratchett’s “Going Postal”, the main character is a con artist. His main motto is “never make it hard for people to give you money.” I wish more places had this policy — making it not hard for me to give them money. The prime example is online shopping. At the very least, give me an option of *not* creating an “account” on your servers, and just PayPal’ing you the money. It makes me feel safer and more private. It is fine if you allow me to create an account. It is fine if you ask for an e-mail address to send me details. But please do not make these mandatory, or allow credit-card only transactions.

It is kind of horrible that after about 10 years of online shopping, people still make online stores that violate these simple rules. Amazon can get away with it — they’re the 800lb gorilla of online shopping, and they’re as credible as paypal — so most people have an account with them too. But your crummy donation site, or your tiny e-hole-in-the-wall specialty book store is not.


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