Inventory meme

The meme.

What are you carrying, in the form of a text-adventure game?

The answer:

You are carrying
a watch
a smart cellphone
a keychain
the keychain contains:
   drawer keys
   post box key
   apartment key
   parents' place key
   office keys
   car key
   car alarm
a wallet
the wallet contains:
  driver's license
  out of date driver's license
  AVIS membership card
  out of date Barnes&Noble membership card
  comics store membership card
  business cards
  Health provider membership card
  San Pedro parking card
  ID card
  credit cards
a bag
the bag contains:
  laptop cord
  12-volt-to-110-volt adapter
  mouse with retractable cord
  mp3 player connector cable
  220-volt-to-110-volt adapter
  cellphone charger
  tea bags
  old cellphone
  110-volt laptop cable
  eye covers

3 Responses to Inventory meme

  1. Dmitry says:

    Wow. It will take me a whole day to detail it all…

  2. AlonS says:

    lemon ???

  3. drklaymen says:

    and why would I need two harmonicas?

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