VMWare to Acquire B-hive: a Personal FAQ

There’s an official press release.

There are several questions people keep asking me about this, and here is where I answer them. I speak, of course, neither for B-hive or VMWare: these are my personal feelings regarding the matter.

Q: How much did they buy you for? How much did you get?
A: It’s “undisclosed”. I don’t expect to ever know the answer to the first one, and I will not be at liberty to discuss the answer to the second one. VMWare might, or might not, publish at a latter time the details. I don’t know any more than you do. If they do publish it, I’ll update with a link.

Q: Is this a good thing for B-hive?
A: I believe so. Again, you can read B-hive’s CEO’s words in the link above.

Q: Are you happy about this?
A: I am happy, and excited, about this. Working for VMWare is going to prove extremely interesting — they have lots of cool technologies, fun products and great places to go with a lot of the products. It will be fun to integrate with them.


2 Responses to VMWare to Acquire B-hive: a Personal FAQ

  1. dimrub says:

    I couldn’t catch you in the messenger to congratulate, so I congratulate you here. Congrats! 🙂

  2. Hey moshez,

    I don’t appear to have valid contact information for you.. Can you please ping me (mulix@mulix.org, 052-5951080)?


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