Gadget shout-out: Kindle vs. Asus EEE

May is when I pay my rent, so I’ll have to wait until June for my gadget-buying money. In the meantime, I can contemplate what to buy. I have narrowed down my options to Kindle vs. the EEE.

Kindle reasons:

  • Nearly paper-like resolution
  • Long battery life
  • Bigger screen
  • Weight: 0.3Kg

Asus EEE reasons

  • Can be my “travel laptop”
  • Can read local HTML files (no conversion needed)
  • Cheaper by $150

Well, it looks like the EEE has a shorter list. But in fact, the “universal turing machine” aspect of the EEE is certainly compelling.


3 Responses to Gadget shout-out: Kindle vs. Asus EEE

  1. otherdeb says:

    “Universal turing machine aspect”? Please clarify. hanks.

  2. moshez says:

    Reference: Universal turing machine.

    It’s kind of half-joking: technically, either they are both UTMs (they both have chips, memory and software) or neither is. However, only half-joking. One actually exposes a UTM interface: we call it “installing software you find/write yourself”. A UTM is an abstraction of the concept of general-purpose computer (amusingly enough, invented before general-purpose computers). This is what I’m referring to — the freedom to install, and develop, software for the EEE just because it uses a general-purpose OS (Linux) and does not pretend to be an appliance.

  3. otherdeb says:

    Ah, thank you. I ask because a whole lot of friends of mine seem to be going for the Asus EEE, but when I looked at it I was surprised at how little memory it has.

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