Filk roundup — what have I been up to lately?

Wizard is a parody of “Merlin”. It has been bumping around in my head forever, but needed me to find the lyrics to finish it. On Using Proper Voltage with Electronics came to be when someone asked if there’s anyone knowledgable about transformers. Can’t Shut My Mind Off With You was written to satisfy a request for a “geeky lovesong”. Vacation was written to another tune by Peter Alway, supposed to be a hint in some contest I’m not sure about. Fuck (a song with remarkably clean lyrics) was written after hearing Companion too many times. It is the traditional filker defense mechanism. Ever since I heard Steve Savitzky sing The Hippopotamus Song, I knew that I will write the obvious vampiric parody. If I Only Ate Some Brain is another in my Zombie saga (comprising of such works as “Eaten By Zombies is Good”) while What a Wonderful Sword turned out to be a part of my psycopathic saga (alongside creations such as “Sorcereress Maid”).


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