Weekly new filks roundup

It’s Not So Nice When Someone Kills Your Song TTTO Brooke Lunderville’s “It’s Just So Nice When Someone Knows Your Name”, after I realized that “this parody’s so obvious I wrote it in my sleep” is a self-referential sentence. You Are Mine I conceived of when I went grocery shopping. I’m proud to say that I’m as horrible to my own songs as to others’. Standard Party has been bouncing around my head for a while. The recent OOXML debacle has given it life. The Moon and the Sun is something that was bouncing in my head a while too, because I love the tune of “Layla Layla” so much, given life during a boring talk. Super Mario Bros. is when I realized “drains” is such a great word. I thought of it, realized actually writing it would be hard work, and smiled as I realized it will be Mr. 100. Six Side Dice is a love song to my favourite RPG system, and another consequence of Vixy&Tony producing “Thirteen”, which I highly recommend. The production is freakin’ awesome, so awesome even a non-musical person like me can appreciate it, and Vixy’s voice is coming in loud and clear on it. I think of CPU Shanty as the lyrics to the CPU’s clock.


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