New filks, to Peter Alway’s music

The Stars are Gone about a book called “Spin” TTTO “Almeda’s Dance #2”. It’s a very bouncy tune, that manages to be tinged with sadness nonetheless.

Wildmage is about a book called “The Outstretched Shadow”. The tune, called “Telynor”, was written about Gwen Knighton (of “Three Weird Sisters” fame). I tried to keep both the tune, and the kind of things Gwen reminds me of, in my mind when writing the song.

Peter Alway has forced me to make them better than my original draft, for which I thank him. “Stick to the music as I wrote it” was his basic message. It got two lines for the chorus of “Wildmage”, and the bridge for “The Stars are Gone”, which I think made the songs better. I hardly ever write non-funny songs. Most of my songs are even beyond funny, they’re “shocking”, meant to elicit groans and pain. Peter writes such beautiful tunes that I was forced to write a little more Osey stuff.

Of course…I wrote the songs. I understand them. It will be easy for me to write the parody.


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